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"There is no way illusions can come to life."Perfect Blue, 1997.

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no one should be made to feel upset because of me so heres the aftermath of the comic


no one should be made to feel upset because of me so heres the aftermath of the comic

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good night

ahhhh…… h…… this

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The Adventures of Superhero Girl is one of my favorite comics, and one of the ones I’m proudest to have worked on. It’s by people I love and love working with. It’s the kind of book that shifts the balance of the industry and medium toward what I want comics to be.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Superhero Girl—probably more than any one person who isn’t Faith Erin Hicks or Cris Peter. I read it in black and white when it was first going up online, and then I read it again. And again. I went through every strip to pick the representative handful I could use to argue its case to my boss, and his boss, and the DH costing committee; and all of that was technically before I was its editor.

There are books I edit and then put down; ones I’m not interested in revisiting, or, more often, ones I’ve spent so much process time with that reading them feels redundant. Superhero Girl has never been one of those books. It’s a pick-me-up and a security blanket, the oh-so-readable soft matte hardcover, Adam Grano’s exuberant design (man, there is nothing about this book I don’t love), Kurt Busiek’s glowing introduction. I go back to it when I’m having a bad day, when I want to remember why I care about comics and what they can mean—to me, and as a medium.


Last night, I went to a not-at-SDCC party at my friend Dustin’s place, and as we were pulling up, I got a sudden flurry of texts, because The Adventures of Superhero Girl had just won the Will Eisner Award for Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12)

I almost burst into tears. I spent the rest of the evening texting Faith and telling everyone I ran into that Superhero Girl had won.

I didn’t make this book. But I am so proud of having played even an incremental role in getting it out there, and I am so happy to see it get the recognition it deserves. The Eisner Awards aren’t perfect, by a long shot; how much they really mean is debatable. But sometimes? Sometimes, they get it right.

Congratulations, Faith, and thank you—more than I can properly express—for the chance to be part of one of the best comics I’ve ever read, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had on the job.

Aw, Rachel. ;_; 

… great now I am crying again. 

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shonen anime in the 90’s

so i’m on vine now

this is to date the only vine i have ever made

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misunderstood animatronics are my favourite 5NAF concept tbh

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geostatonary said,



I KNOW…many things.


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endless list of favorite female characters: Cybersix (Cybersix)
↪ "It was not an evil creature… although it was created to be evil."

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Just pick a theme you like, a sidebar image you want, and then go to this website and it’ll give you a color scheme that’s nearly perf every time. It’s like super easy and it’s totally how I do all my schemes


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I KNOW…many things.